Mar 6, 2013

Sarah Vaughan - The Chronological Classics: Sarah Vaughan 1944-1946 (1946)

"I'll Wait and Pray" by Sarah Vaughan (with Billy Eckstine and His Orchestra)

Sarah Vaughan took piano lessons, sang in the choir, and snuck into New York's best jazz clubs.  This all culminated in her winning the regular amateur night contest at the Apollo.  As a result, she'd be hired as occasional singer and pianist for the Earl Hines Orchestra in 1943.  She'd sing alongside Billy Eckstine in the Hines Orchestra and followed Eckstine when he ventured to start his own big band.  In the new environment, Vaughan's voice would prove an excellent complement to bop, the new jazz, as it grew out of the Eckstine creative incubator.  The nickname "Sassy" (which she'd fully adopt professionally and personally) was given to her by pianist John Malachi to match her personality.  (She also earned the nickname "Sailor" for her salty language).

In 1945, she broke away to start her solo career.  Vaughan would record sides solo with jazz label Musicraft or with different backing bands including some helmed by Dizzy Gillespie, Georgie Auld, and Tadd Dameron.  She befriended jazz trumpeter George Treadwell who soon became Sarah's manager.  He'd organize everything for her touring schedule and recording arrangements and manage her image through her wardrobe, hairstyles, and capped teeth.  In a comfortable professional relationship, Sassy and Treadwell would marry in the latter half of 1946.

Here is the discography for Sarah Vaughan's first recordings:

The Chronological Classics: Sarah Vaughan 1944-1946

"I'd Rather Have a Memory Than a Dream" by Sarah Vaughan

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